Georgia Soccer

Georgia Soccer 2024 / 2025 Affiliation Application


Thank you for choosing to become a member of the Georgia State Soccer Association.

With scheduling declarations and season start date changes, our application deadline has also been adjusted to accommodate those registration needs.

Affiliation is an annual process. All returning organizations wishing to affiliate should submit applications by June 1.  A late fee occurs for those that file after June 1.   

To be considered for approval at the next scheduled general membership meeting, new member affiliation applications must be submitted July 1 for the winter AGM and by July 8 for the summer SAGM.   Affiliation procedures, rules, and fees are set annually.  Any soccer organization within the state of Georgia may apply for affiliation with Georgia Soccer.  An application for affiliation must be submitted electronically by an authorized individual. An application is not considered complete until all required fields on the electronic application are completed and successful payment of the affiliation fee has been made.  

Affiliation is contingent upon approval by the Georgia Soccer Board of Directors for returning affiliates, and the Georgia Soccer general membership for new affiliates.  All New Affiliates must submit a valid and current field usage agreement showing their access to fields to host games.   All New Affiliates must provide a statement outlining their administrative infrastructure showing they have the resources and tools to successfully manage a club.

Georgia Soccer Bylaws and Youth Rules and Regulations can be found at the below link.  Please review before submitting your application.

Georgia Soccer Bylaws and Youth Rules and Regulations

Submission Deadline for NEW members for the 2024-2025 Seasonal Year: June 1, 2024. 

Application Fee: $100

Late Application Fee (for returning members) after June 1: +$200 ($100.00 fee, $100.00 late fee)
There is never a late fee charged to a potential new member application.

You will need the following information to apply:

  • Basic information about your organization, i.e. name, address, website, etc.
  • Names and addresses of any playing venues for which you need a Certificate of Liability
  • A copy of your organization's bylaws
  • Contact information for your organization's officers
  • A method of payment (Credit Card or E-Check)

Incomplete applications can be saved. A new member can create an account and return to their application at any time before the deadline. Returning member's current administrative account access can be used to access the application.  Applications are not considered complete until after successful payment.