Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the Griffin Fall 2022 Recreation tournament for the age group.
U12 Boys 13 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name Team ID  Head Coach
 11 Butts County Leisure Services
BC Fire
0Y219-01RB2U-0160   Brandie Vinzant
 12 Griffin Y.S.C.
Griffin Bear U12B
0Y173-01RB2U-5877   Yanira Ruiz
 13 Griffin Y.S.C.
Griffin Excel U12B Blue
0Y173-01RB2U-5878   Hector Estevez
 14 Griffin Y.S.C.
Griffin Excel U12B White
0Y173-01RB2U-5876   Hector Estevez
 15 Lamar Co. Parks and Rec
LC Rowdies - BR12U
0Y222-01RB2U-0301   Mack Cook
 16 Pike County SA
Pike U12B Blazers
0Y205-01RB2U-1155   Joshua Harrison
 17 Pike County SA
Pike U12B Titans
0Y205-01RB2U-1156   Stewart Esary
 18 Pike County SA
Pike U12B Storm
0Y205-01RB2U-1157   Douglas Corwin
 19 Upson SA Rec
Upson SA Rec - BR12U
0Y129-01RB2U-0369   Ben Cochran
 20 HCSA Recreational
0Y179-01RB2U-0013   Alexander Bland
 21 HCSA Recreational
HCSA BurgessBRU12
0Y179-01RB2U-0006   Jonathan Burgess
 22 HCSA Recreational
HCSA HolmesBRU12
0Y179-01RB2U-0014   David Holmes
 23 HCSA Recreational
HCSA PilgrimBRU12
0Y179-01RB2U-0007   Tyler Pilgrim