Team Schedules - U8 Coed South

Winner of bracket based on total points after round robin play.



Winner of bracket based on total points after round robin play.
 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  Total
Tie Brkr
Goal Diff
Tie Brkr
Goals Against
Group a1 :   Team Name - Cowea U8B Busch - 0Y160-62RB08-2737W-0  L-0  T-0
           0 0
Group a10 :   Team Name - Coweta U8B Luschen - 0Y160-62RB08-0073W-0  L-0  T-0
           0 0
Group a11 :   Team Name - Coweta U8B Smith - 0Y160-62RB08-0079W-0  L-0  T-0
           0 0
Group a12 :   Team Name - Coweta U8B Soulen - 0Y160-62RB08-0074W-0  L-0  T-0
           0 0
Group a13 :   Team Name - Coweta U8B Studley - 0Y160-62RB08-0076W-0  L-0  T-0
           0 0
Group a14 :   Team Name - Coweta U8B Ziemba - 0Y160-62RB08-0077W-0  L-0  T-0
           0 0
Group a2 :   Team Name - Coweta U8B Camp - 0Y160-62RB08-0085W-0  L-0  T-0
           0 0
Group a3 :   Team Name - Coweta U8B Crine - 0Y160-62RB08-0084W-0  L-0  T-0
           0 0
Group a4 :   Team Name - Coweta U8B Denney - 0Y160-62RB08-0083W-0  L-0  T-0
           0 0
Group a5 :   Team Name - Coweta U8B Derden - 0Y160-62RB08-0082W-0  L-0  T-0
           0 0
Group a6 :   Team Name - Coweta U8B Dumas - 0Y160-62RB08-0080W-0  L-0  T-0
           0 0
Group a7 :   Team Name - Coweta U8B Stahl - 0Y160-62RB08-0075W-0  L-0  T-0
           0 0
Group a8 :   Team Name - Coweta U8B Ferrufina - 0Y160-62RB08-0078W-0  L-0  T-0
           0 0
Group a9 :   Team Name - Coweta U8B Gamble - 0Y160-62RB08-0072W-0  L-0  T-0
           0 0

Bracket - Saturday, September 09, 2023
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 317822  Central Park  09:00 AM  3A a6 vs a11Coweta U8B Dumas   vs.Coweta U8B Smith 
 317818  Central Park  10:30 AM  3A a2 vs a1Coweta U8B Camp   vs.Cowea U8B Busch 
 317821  Central Park  12:00 PM  3A a5 vs a12Coweta U8B Derden   vs.Coweta U8B Soulen 
 317819  Central Park  01:30 PM  3A a3 vs a14Coweta U8B Crine   vs.Coweta U8B Ziemba 
 317820  Central Park  03:00 PM  4A a4 vs a13Coweta U8B Denney   vs.Coweta U8B Studley 
 317823  Central Park  04:30 PM  4A a7 vs a10Coweta U8B Stahl   vs.Coweta U8B Luschen 
 317824  Central Park  06:00 PM  4A a8 vs a9Coweta U8B Ferrufina   vs.Coweta U8B Gamble 

Bracket - Saturday, September 16, 2023
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 317827  Central Park  09:00 AM  3B a5 vs a14Coweta U8B Derden   vs.Coweta U8B Ziemba 
 317826  Central Park  10:30 AM  3B a4 vs a2Coweta U8B Denney   vs.Coweta U8B Camp 
 317828  Central Park  12:00 PM  3B a6 vs a13Coweta U8B Dumas   vs.Coweta U8B Studley 
 317825  Central Park  01:30 PM  3B a1 vs a3Cowea U8B Busch   vs.Coweta U8B Crine 
 317829  Central Park  03:00 PM  4B a7 vs a12Coweta U8B Stahl   vs.Coweta U8B Soulen 
 317830  Central Park  04:30 PM  4B a8 vs a11Coweta U8B Ferrufina   vs.Coweta U8B Smith 

Bracket - Wednesday, September 20, 2023
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 317831  Central Park  07:00 PM  1B a9 vs a10Coweta U8B Gamble   vs.Coweta U8B Luschen 

Bracket - Saturday, September 23, 2023
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 317844  Central Park  09:00 AM  3A a10 vs a13Coweta U8B Luschen   vs.Coweta U8B Studley 
 317845  Central Park  10:30 AM  3A a11 vs a12Coweta U8B Smith   vs.Coweta U8B Soulen 
 317841  Central Park  12:00 PM  3A a7 vs a3Coweta U8B Stahl   vs.Coweta U8B Crine 
 317839  Central Park  01:30 PM  3A a1 vs a5Cowea U8B Busch   vs.Coweta U8B Derden 
 317840  Central Park  03:00 PM  4A a6 vs a4Coweta U8B Dumas   vs.Coweta U8B Denney 
 317843  Central Park  04:30 PM  4A a9 vs a14Coweta U8B Gamble   vs.Coweta U8B Ziemba 
 317842  Central Park  06:00 PM  4A a8 vs a2Coweta U8B Ferrufina   vs.Coweta U8B Camp 

Bracket - Saturday, September 30, 2023
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 317849  Central Park  09:00 AM  3B a9 vs a3Coweta U8B Gamble   vs.Coweta U8B Crine 
 317848  Central Park  10:30 AM  3B a8 vs a4Coweta U8B Ferrufina   vs.Coweta U8B Denney 
 317850  Central Park  12:00 PM  3B a10 vs a2Coweta U8B Luschen   vs.Coweta U8B Camp 
 317851  Central Park  01:30 PM  3B a11 vs a14Coweta U8B Smith   vs.Coweta U8B Ziemba 
 317846  Central Park  03:00 PM  4B a6 vs a1Coweta U8B Dumas   vs.Cowea U8B Busch 
 317852  Central Park  04:30 PM  4B a12 vs a13Coweta U8B Soulen   vs.Coweta U8B Studley 
 317847  Central Park  06:00 PM  4B a7 vs a5Coweta U8B Stahl   vs.Coweta U8B Derden 

Bracket - Tuesday, October 03, 2023
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 317861  Central Park  06:00 PM  1A a9 vs a7Coweta U8B Gamble   vs.Coweta U8B Stahl 

Bracket - Saturday, October 07, 2023
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 317862  Central Park  10:30 AM  1A a10 vs a6Coweta U8B Luschen   vs.Coweta U8B Dumas 
 317866  Central Park  12:00 PM  1A a14 vs a2Coweta U8B Ziemba   vs.Coweta U8B Camp 
 317860  Central Park  01:30 PM  1A a8 vs a1Coweta U8B Ferrufina   vs.Cowea U8B Busch 
 317863  Central Park  03:00 PM  2A a11 vs a5Coweta U8B Smith   vs.Coweta U8B Derden 
 317865  Central Park  06:00 PM  2A a13 vs a3Coweta U8B Studley   vs.Coweta U8B Crine 

Bracket - Tuesday, October 10, 2023
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 317864  Central Park  06:00 PM  1B a12 vs a4Coweta U8B Soulen   vs.Coweta U8B Denney 

Bracket - Saturday, October 14, 2023
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 317868  Central Park  09:00 AM  1B a10 vs a8Coweta U8B Luschen   vs.Coweta U8B Ferrufina 
 317867  Central Park  10:30 AM  1B a1 vs a9Cowea U8B Busch   vs.Coweta U8B Gamble 
 317869  Central Park  12:00 PM  1B a11 vs a7Coweta U8B Smith   vs.Coweta U8B Stahl 
 317871  Central Park  01:30 PM  2B a13 vs a5Coweta U8B Studley   vs.Coweta U8B Derden 
 317872  Central Park  03:00 PM  2B a14 vs a4Coweta U8B Ziemba   vs.Coweta U8B Denney 
 317870  Central Park  04:30 PM  1B a12 vs a6Coweta U8B Soulen   vs.Coweta U8B Dumas 
 317873  Central Park  06:00 PM  2B a2 vs a3Coweta U8B Camp   vs.Coweta U8B Crine 

Bracket - Saturday, October 21, 2023
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 317882  Central Park  09:00 AM  1A a11 vs a10Coweta U8B Smith   vs.Coweta U8B Luschen 
 317887  Central Park  10:30 AM  1A a4 vs a5Coweta U8B Denney   vs.Coweta U8B Derden 
 317888  Central Park  12:00 PM  1A a12 vs a1Coweta U8B Soulen   vs.Cowea U8B Busch 
 317886  Central Park  01:30 PM  2A a3 vs a6Coweta U8B Crine   vs.Coweta U8B Dumas 
 317884  Central Park  03:00 PM  1A a14 vs a8Coweta U8B Ziemba   vs.Coweta U8B Ferrufina 
 317885  Central Park  04:30 PM  2A a2 vs a7Coweta U8B Camp   vs.Coweta U8B Stahl 
 317883  Central Park  06:00 PM  2A a13 vs a9Coweta U8B Studley   vs.Coweta U8B Gamble 

Bracket - Saturday, October 28, 2023
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 317891  Central Park  09:00 AM  1B a2 vs a9Coweta U8B Camp   vs.Coweta U8B Gamble 
 317890  Central Park  10:30 AM  1B a14 vs a10Coweta U8B Ziemba   vs.Coweta U8B Luschen 
 317893  Central Park  12:00 PM  1B a4 vs a7Coweta U8B Denney   vs.Coweta U8B Stahl 
 317892  Central Park  01:30 PM  1B a3 vs a8Coweta U8B Crine   vs.Coweta U8B Ferrufina 
 317881  Central Park  03:00 PM  2B a1 vs a11Cowea U8B Busch   vs.Coweta U8B Smith 
 317894  Central Park  04:30 PM  2B a5 vs a6Coweta U8B Derden   vs.Coweta U8B Dumas 
 317889  Central Park  06:00 PM  2B a13 vs a12Coweta U8B Studley   vs.Coweta U8B Soulen 

Bracket - Saturday, November 04, 2023
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 317904  Central Park  09:00 AM  1A a3 vs a12Coweta U8B Crine   vs.Coweta U8B Soulen 
 317902  Central Park  10:30 AM  1A a14 vs a1Coweta U8B Ziemba   vs.Cowea U8B Busch 
 317907  Central Park  12:00 PM  1A a6 vs a9Coweta U8B Dumas   vs.Coweta U8B Gamble 
 317906  Central Park  01:30 PM  1A a5 vs a10Coweta U8B Derden   vs.Coweta U8B Luschen 
 317903  Central Park  03:00 PM  2A a2 vs a13Coweta U8B Camp   vs.Coweta U8B Studley 
 317908  Central Park  04:30 PM  2A a7 vs a8Coweta U8B Stahl   vs.Coweta U8B Ferrufina 
 317905  Central Park  06:00 PM  2A a4 vs a11Coweta U8B Denney   vs.Coweta U8B Smith