Fall 11 Youth Athena
Venue: Coweta, Whitlock - DO NOT USE

Venue Information
Venue: Coweta, Whitlock - DO NOT USE
Address: 170 Walt Sanders Memorial Dr
Plano, GA  30265-2151
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Directions: SEE WHITLOCK From Atlanta Go south on I-85 to Newnan Exit(# 47)- Hwy. 34 / Bullsboro Drive. THERE IS ROAD CONSTRUCTION EVERY WEEKEND ON I85 SOUTH OF THE PERIMETER. PLAN EXTRA TIME ON YOUR TRIP TO COWETA THROUGH FALL OF 2005. Turn left at the exit red light and go approximately 1.5 miles through 4 red lights ( you will pass Wal-Mart on the right, Home Depot shopping center on the left). The fourth red light will be at the Yamaha Manufacturing plant on the left and the fields are visible from the street on the left just after that. The next red light will be at a car dealership on your left and White Oak Professional Center on your right. Turn left at that light between the car dealership and the Quik Trip gas station. There are two parking lots. The first lot has access to fields 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11. The second lot has access to fields 1-6. Distance (mileage): On I-85 from the Virginia Ave. / Airport exit it will be approximately 25 miles. From the I-285 / I-85 junction on the southside the exit will be approximately 20 miles.

Fields At This Venue
No Field Name Description Status Schedule
1 1A-1B 06U - 4v4 OPEN --
10 Field 5D 10U - 7v7 OPEN Schedule
11 Field 11 Full - 11V11 OPEN Schedule
12 Field 5A 10U - 7v7 OPEN --
13 Field 5B 10U - 7v7 OPEN --
14 Field 9 Do Not Use OPEN --
15 Field 10A Do Not Use OPEN --
16 Field 10B Do Not Use OPEN --
17 Field 6 Do Not Use OPEN Schedule
18 1C-1D 06U - 4v4 OPEN --
2 Field 3A 06U - 4v4 OPEN --
3 Field 3B 06U - 4v4 OPEN --
4 Field 3C 08U - 5v5 OPEN --
5 Field 5A 06U - 4v4 OPEN --
6 Field 4 10U - 7v7 OPEN Schedule
7 Field 7 Full - 11V11 OPEN --
8 Field 8 Full - 11V11 OPEN Schedule
9 Field 5C 10U - 7v7 OPEN --