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You can seach for Events scheduled by an Association, League, or Club.

From the drop down below select the appropriate Event or Class.

Or simply seach by the List All button and get a listing of all the events.

Be advised, coaching courses involve field work as well as classroom work.  Coaches who wish to participate in the field sessions should come with the appropriate gear.

If you are registering for a Georgia Soccer coaching class, all classes are under the search tab of Association. Please select "All Classes" under the Event type dropdown box and click search. Once the approved class list presents itself, you can sort by start date, location, or class type.

If you are a current member of a Georgia Soccer affilliate, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU UNCHECK THE NON-MEMBER TAB ON THE CHECKOUT/PAYMENT PAGE.  By doing so, you will be presented with the correct registration fee for the class.

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