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Event ID: 12354656
Event Name: Atlanta Fire United Presidents Day 3v3 Tournament
Event Type Event
Restricted: None
Requires Register: Yes
Requires Payment: No
Start Date: 2/14/2021
End Date: 2/14/2021
Event Location:
George Pierce Park
55 Highway 23 NE
Suwanee, GA 30024-2344

Primary Contact:
Hugo Cicamois
(347) 436-5013 (Work)
(347) 436-5013 (Home)
(347) 436-5013 (Cell)
Atlanta Fire United Presidents Day 3v3 Tournament
Registration for U9 - U14 (2007 to 2012) birth years
Location Change: 
Notre Dame Academy  4635 River Green Pkwy, Duluth, GA 30096

Date:  Monday February 15, 2021

Time:  9am to 1pm

Registration Deadline:  Saturday (11:59pm) February 13, 2021


Players U9 through U14 (2007 to 2012)

All teams and players


Bracket A = highest level of competition

Bracket B = medium to lower level of competition


8:30am  Check in for all teams

9:00am to 11am  Group Play

11am to 1pm   Knock-out rounds


$20 per player (minimum 5 players per team)

*each player has to individually register for their team 

All teams will play a minimum 4 games

PLAYER REGISTRATION: All players must be registered on their teams registration form before the tournament begins. Any team or player determined by the event director to have falsified age or skill level will be dismissed from the tournament. All players must carry proof of age, ex: player pass or birth certificate.

ROSTERS: All rosters are frozen at check-in.

PLAYERS AND SUBSTITUTIONS: FIVE is the minimum; three field players at one time. Teams playing more than 6 players during the course of an event will be disqualified. Players may only play on one team per division. There are no goalkeepers in 3v3 soccer. Substitutes may occur at any dead ball situation, but players must be called onto the field by the referee and enter and exit at the half-field mark only. Players must already be at the half-field mark when dead ball situation first occurs to be called on.

GENDER: No males will be allowed to participate in any female divisions. Females CAN play in male divisions. 

EQUIPMENT: All players must wear shin guards. Any player without shin guards will not be allowed to play. Teams are responsible for providing game balls. Preferred Ball Size for 2012= size 3; 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008 = size 4; 2007 and up = size 5. In the event that age divisions are combined, the teams should use the older divisions ball size.

GAME DURATION: The game shall consist of two 10 minute halves separated by a two minute halftime, OR the game ends when a team reaches a 10 goal lead.  Pool games tied after regulation play shall end in a tie.  Playoffs games cannot end tied. 
PLAYOFF OVERTIME:  TEAMS WILL HAVE A 3 MINUTE "GOLDEN GOAL" OVERTIME PERIOD.  If the score is still tied, the winner is decided by a shootout with the 3 players on the field at end of golden goal period. 
GOAL SCORING:  A goal may be scored from a touch on the offensive half on the playing field. 
SCORING (IN POOL PLAY): 3 points for a win; 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss.   

Tournament Directors and Point of Contact:

Hugo Cicamois (POC)

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